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    S1W1 Re vs jG


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    S1W1 Re vs jG

    Post  GWaLK on Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:00 pm

    Just all Gamers jG vs Re Reborn Gaming
    Date: 4th of March 2009
    Place: Other Tournaments and Leagues Room (Garena)

    Nelf jG]Panda [2-0] human Re-Stimuate
    Melting Valley
    Undead jG]Aka [2-1] Nelf Re-Casper
    Terenas Stand
    Undead jG]innateJ [1-2] Nelf Re-Fargul
    Turtle Rock
    Orc jG]Speed [1-2] Undead Re-Joho
    Secret Valley

    Nelf jG]Panda / Undead jG]Aka [0-2] Nelf Re-Casper / Orc Re-Fargul

    jG [2:3] Re

    jG Subcards jG]aka for jG]Speed in the 2s.

    Notes: - Please send lineups to 15 minutes before the war is scheduled to start
    - Replay upload password is citrus

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