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    PTGL First Report!


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    PTGL First Report! Empty PTGL First Report!

    Post  GWaLK on Fri Jan 23, 2009 7:22 pm

    So Prime Time Gaming League Season one is here. We will start accepting applications now! and stop on the 11th of February then provide details of the accepted teams on the 12th and teams than have until the 15th to confirm. This means hopefully start the qualifiers the 16th of february, and go until March 8th. This allows us to start Season One, March 9th!!
    So apply today!

    The format for those who are asking is old WC3L style.
    4 1v1's
    1 2v2
    Each series has a shared map pool
    1st map of each series is decided at the beginning of the week
    winner gets 1 veto
    loser picks map from map pool (minus the veto/maps already played.)

    -3 week qualifiers
    4 groups w/ 4 teams
    Top 3 make season

    -6 week season
    weeks 1-4 you play 4/5 teams in your league
    week 5 you play out of division
    week 6 you play last team in your division

    -3 week playoffs
    top 3 teams from each division make playoffs
    winner of each division gets bye week 1
    3v6 and 4v5
    1 v lowest seed
    2 vs highest seed

    4 first round winner (2 byes/2 winners)playoff teams auto-qualify for SEASON TWO!

    Applications can be sent to title it (your team tag) Application or post on the forums the format for applications can be found on the link

    We are also looking for clan war Admins. Duties will including administrating the match writing the battle report and the other usual things to apply send an application to title it admin application basically include contact info a bit about yourself previous experience and why we should accept you.

    We will be accepting 12 teams into the Season (qualifiers will have a cap of 24) which will be split into 2 divisions the 3 top teams from each division will go to the playoffs were the winner will be crowned(division winners each have a bye). The top 4 playoff teams will keep there spot and the rest must compete in a qualifier next season.

    League time will be PST -8GMT

    Current Applicants

    - Azeroth's Last Kings - zK (usa)
    - Clutch Gaming - cG (usa/can)
    - Cognitive Disonnance - cDi (usa)
    - Infernal Cry - InfC (usa/can)
    - The Imperial - TI (euro)
    - Micronae Supremacy - SupR (finland)
    - Last Hope e-Gaming - LH (?)
    - eGamers-zone - eGz (poland)
    - eXodus - eXd (singapore)
    - Just All Gamers - jG (usa)
    - Aight Soot G! - AsG (
    - Brazilian Gaming - BRA - (brazil)
    - Royalty Gaming - rG (euro)
    - Reborn Gaming - Re (can/usa)
    - I Got Game - IGG (romania)
    - aX

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