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    Note to managers Empty Note to managers

    Post  GWaLK on Sun Feb 15, 2009 5:13 pm

    Hello Prime Time Gaming League Managers!
    GWaLK the head admin of PTGL here. Welcoming you to PTGL Qualifiers/Season One!

    Some things to note~

    -At the moment PTGL does not have enough Admins to guarantee EVERY Clan War an Admin.
    I deeply regret this and wish it'd change but it's a tough deal to get good admins!
    -What this means for you is I'll need some accountability amongst the Team managers/captains present at Clan wars!
    -What this means is i need you all to review rules and understand the exact rules.
    I know many of you managers are in several leagues and this might get confusing, all i ask is that you refer to rules w/ any conflicts!
    -If you are one of the Clan Wars who gets an admin any given week, I hope you and your players treat them w/ the utmost respect. If this becomes an issue we WILL issue PP's. Badmanner amongst players will be dealt w/ much more liberally, but when it crosses over to the Admins there will be issues!
    The time table for qualifiers/season starting are as followed.

    3 Weeks February 16th - 22nd / 23rd - March 1st/ March 2nd - 8th
    The evening of March 8th the admin team will work to post all results and have PTGL Season One schedule/teams prepared =-)

    Also i ask you managers for one bit of homework!
    Send me via email, or pm or post on forums an updated roster =-) This roster will be valid starting day 1 of february 16th!
    here is the format i would like

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