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Prime Time Gaming League

    Week 1 Qualifier is here!!!


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    Week 1 Qualifier is here!!! Empty Week 1 Qualifier is here!!!

    Post  GWaLK on Mon Feb 16, 2009 2:11 am

    Hey folks! here is schedule!!
    If you havent already sent/made your teams Profile you need to do that IMMEDIATELY. PP's will be issued every day they are not made after the 19th.

    ALSO side note. Play all 5 matches... (qualifiers will be decided by Points)
    so even if its 3-0, continue final 2 series.

    QWeek 1 Maps
    Solo1: Melting Valley
    Solo2: Turtle Rock
    Solo3: Road to Strathlome
    Solo4: Echo Isles

    2v2s: Twisted Meadows

    Reminder- G1 = Map above chosen. G2 = Loser picks, winner of G1 gets 1 veto.
    Each series has it's own Map Pool!!
    When you have scheduled your clan war we will edit the post here =-)

    cDi vs jG split up everywhere.
    cG vs TI saturday 21st 1pm EST/6pm GMT xlo tournament room 1

    InfC vs eXd bye
    zK vs aXn waiting for zK

    rG vs iGG waiting on iGG
    AsG vs Re waiting on RE

    DLuX vs LH Saturday 21st 14 PM
    eGz vs cRea 14:00 cRea vs eGz 21.02 14-00 CET. SegLive Tournament Room.

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