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    Update for this playweek!


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    Update for this playweek! Empty Update for this playweek!

    Post  GWaLK on Tue Feb 24, 2009 12:33 am

    Update for this playweek! Ptgl_n10

    Due to some timing issues and a team dropping out PTGL has decided to turn the qualifiers into a 1 week win/lose qualify/don't qualify clan war =-) 9 Teams have auto qualified due to past performance in other leagues/manners/ability to schedule in a timely fashion. If you are one of these 9 teams enjoy the free week before Season starts.
    If you are one of the 6 teams playing this week, BE PREPARED! Play your hardest and good luck obtaining a victory!
    -Special Rule Change-
    All matches MUST be scheduled by friday 11:59pm PST.

    Failure to schedule by Friday evening 11:59pm PST will automatically forfeit a team in the qualifiers sending them home.

    Auto Qualified
    cDi - Cognitive Disonnance
    cG - Clutch Gaming
    TI - The Imperial
    aXn - Assimilation Networks X
    zK - Azeroth's Last King
    rG - Royalty Gaming
    LH - Last Hope
    jG - Just All Gamers
    eXd - eXodus

    Teams needing to qualify

    iGG - I got game
    DLuX - Deluxe gaming
    AsG - Aight Soot G!
    Re - Reborn Gaming
    eGz - eGamers-Zone
    cRea - cReative Gaming

    Therefore the schedule will like so....
    Tuesday 2-24-2009 >>>>>> Sunday 3-1-2009 11:59 PM PST
    iGG v DLuX
    AsG vs cRea
    eGz vs Re

    S1: Terenas Stand
    S2: Ancient Isles
    S3: Secret Valley
    S4: Lost Temple (RoC)

    2s: Tidewater Glades

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