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    Season One Week One!


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    Season One Week One! Empty Season One Week One!

    Post  GWaLK on Mon Mar 02, 2009 4:16 am

    Season One Week One! Ptgl_n10

    Hello folks! After a stressful qualifier we have our 12 teams!
    Congrats to the following teams and Good Luck, have fun! and Schedule your matches well!
    If you have any question msn/forum/email me or any other admin!
    Here are the teams!
    Schedule here >>>>>>>> SCHEDULE
    Maps >>>>>>>>>> MAPS
    Prediction/trash talking >>>>PREDICTIONS
    That being said! Schedule week 1!
    cG [2:1]TI 3 series done on 3/3/09
    cGz [0:0] eXd(when/where/who)
    cDi [0:0] AsG(when/where/who)

    aXn [0:0] zK(when/where/who)
    rG [0:0] iGG(when/where/who)
    Re [0:0] jG(when/where/who)

    s1-Melting Valley
    s2-Terenas Stand
    s3-Turtle Rock
    s4-Secert Valley

    Division 1
    cDi - Cognitive Disonnance
    cG - Clutch Gaming
    TI - The Imperial
    cGz - Certified Gamerz
    AsG - Aight Soot G!
    eXd - eXodus

    Division 2
    aXn - Assimilation Networks X
    zK - Azeroth's Last King
    rG - Royalty Gaming
    jG - Just All Gamers
    iGG - I got game
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