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    PTGL Rules Empty PTGL Rules

    Post  GWaLK on Mon Jan 26, 2009 5:35 pm

    Prime Time Gaming League
    Rules and Regulations – Season One

    1. Terminology:
    1.1-Clan: A team participating in the league.
    1.2-Captain/Manager: A person who represents/organizes his team in the league.
    1.2a-Making an application for the League by the team Captain stands for the fact that he has read the League Rules and agrees to follow them.
    1.3-Team Captain is responsible for getting all his team players informed about the rules.
    1.4-Clan War: The event which includes games between two teams in the following format: TBD
    -Match: BO1 or BO3 series of 1x1 or 2x2 games counted for the Clan War.
    -WildCard: The rights to postpone 1 Clan War match; postponed matches are played according to a previously set schedule time or according to a mutual agreement.
    -PP: Penalty Points

    2. League information:
    2.1- The PTGL is a North American League based in the USWest Time Zone of PST (-8GMT) (EST is -5GMT).
    2.2-The PTGL is GGc based, NOT BNet. BNet can be an alternative, but GGc is the preferred method.
    2.3-When using GGC, Always meet in the Channel Other Leagues&Tournaments unless a different room is agreed by both team managers.
    2.4-The Official league email is anything that is required to be emailed must be sent there and not any other location!
    2.5-Format for the PTGL: TBD
    2.6-Captain/Managers are FULLY responsible for their team. This means it’s the Managers Responsibility to ensure that their team understands the rules of the league. And any players that represent that manager’s team must follow the rules of the league.
    2.7-Admins are not required present during each CW, but we will try to have one at each CW. So please refer to the rules if questions or a problem occurs during a CW. If there is no rule present to solve the situation or answer the question immediately attempt to contact an Admin. If one cannot be contacted then email the event of the situation to and attempt to create your own solution that must be agreed by both sides.

    3. Scoring
    3.1-A team will receive 1 point for every match won.
    3.2-Example1: Team A 4:1’s Team B. Team A will receive 4 points; while team B receives 1 point.
    3.3-Example2: Team A 3:2’s Team B. Team A will receive 3 points; while team B receives 2 points.
    3.4-Example3: Team A 5:0's Team B. Team A will receive 5 points; while team B receives 0 points. (and a good verbal lashing) =-D
    3.5-The Clan War is over when team a / team b have played all 5 series.
    4. Maps:

    Ancient Isles- Download
    Melting Valley
    Terenas Stand
    Turtle Rock
    Echo Isles
    Secret Valley
    Twisted Meadow
    Lost Temple (RoC)
    Road to Stratholme

    2v2 Team:
    - Twisted Meadows
    - Lost Temple (ROC)
    - Gnoll Wood
    - Avalanche
    -Tidewater Glades

    5. Clan War Schedule:
    5.1- Team Head Managers and/or Sub Managers are solely responsible for making sure their matches are scheduled.
    5.2-Both teams must confirm in their schedule thread the time/date/place of match.
    5.2a- There must be a post with meaningful information by manager/captain of a team by 11.59pst Thursday in the scheduling forum or the team will receive a .5 PP
    5.3-Matches MUST be scheduled by 11.59 PST Friday or an admin will choose a default time for you.
    5.4- Teams have (1) Week to complete their CW's
    5.5- Each Week begins on Monday 12:00 am(PST) and End on Sunday 11:59 pm. (PST)
    5.5- Failure to complete the CW during that 1 week time frame will result in .5 PPs (per series unfinished) for each day played outside of the week, unless an extension has been granted by Admins or the teams have agreed to postpone matches outside the week, either by agreeing in the game or by using a wildcard.
    5.6- In the event of having a difficult time scheduling and no time during the 1 week period cannot be determined an admin agrees with playing outside of the week.
    5.7- If a team is unreachable and proper notification of this is made by the other team (such as providing proof on attempting to contact) no PP's will be given. If that team still cannot be contacted to the point of going outside of the play week, that team will FF each series not played.
    5.9- If there is difficulty scheduling a match, you MUST notify the Admins by email ( The Admins will help you get your match scheduled, and if for some reason a time cannot be agreed upon, teams will be forced to play on Sunday @ 6pm PST (8pmEST).
    5.10- In the event of a CW not being scheduled where Admins have no notification, teams must play on Sunday @ 6pm PST (8pm EST). If the teams do not show up for that time, they will both forfeit the match and recieve 3 PPs.
    5.11- The Default Scheduled Time for unscheduled matches is Sunday @ 6pm PST (8pm EST)

    6. Hosting/Lag/Discontent during Matches:
    6.1-A neutral Host must be used and has to be agreed by both players.
    6.2- If an Admin is present and the players cannot agree upon a neutral host, the admin will assign the host. Otherwise Managers will have to agree upon the host.
    6.3- It’s expected that both teams are to use BNet unless they agreed to use GGc.
    6.4- The team that won the previous match may veto 1 map.
    6.5- After a Match, the loser gets to pick any map from the PTGL Map Pool, except for the opponent's vetoed map and the starting map played game 1.
    6.6- There is a 2 min rule for every match where if you believe that the host is too laggy or you’re experiencing lag by your computer, you may request a RM.
    6.7- After 2 min, if the game is laggy the game can be saved and re-hosted if agreed by both players. Leaving a game without agreement by other player consent constitutes a forfeit.
    6.8- If a player needs to pause the game, they MUST notify the other player. Once the player is ready to unpause, they MUST get consent from the other player that they are ready for unpause.

    6.9-Proper hosting must be used.

    - Observers must be set to Full Observers
    - Game must be set on fast.
    - Team lock must be on
    - Full unit sharing must be off.
    - Random Heroes must be off.
    - Random Races must be off.
    - Fog of War must be on.
    6.10- Races must be determined before game is started.
    6.10a-If player change race during countdown, the other player may leave game immediately after game is started if they wish, said player will receive a PP.
    6.11- If a player disconnects before 2 min, a Remake will be called.
    6.12- If a player disconnects after 2 min and an Admin is present in the game then the Admin will decide if it's a remake or a win unless both players decide to remake. If an admin is not present, the match can only be remade if both players agree. Otherwise it will be counted as a win.
    6.13-In the event of someone dropping when an Admin isn't present and the player or team thinks that he was obviously going to win but dropped, then a request for Admins to review the replay can be made. Be sure to upload the replay to the databank and notify the Admins so that we are easily able to get the replay and watch it to give you a final decision if the player deserved the win.
    6.14- Bad Manners during the game by players or observers is strictly prohibited, if there is Bad Manners Admins will generally warn the team/players first, then it is up to the Admin to levy PPs.

    7. Clan War procedure:
    7.1- Each team has 20 Min to verify that their players are present and ready to play (This doesn’t mean they must be playing within those 20 min, just simply they MUST be present)
    7.2- If the player is not notified present then either the managers must agree that its ok if they are late or a Wildcard or Sub card must be used. If no card is used and the managers do not have an agreement, the other team is eligible to take a FF win
    7.3- Players MUST play the race that is sent in the lineup for matches. after 1st game he may switch races
    7.4- Only a 10 min break between matches is allowed. If the player exceeds that 10 min, the other player may take a FF win for that match. (If that FF win were to bring the match to a 1-1, then the player must wait an additional 10 min before taking a 2nd FF match win).
    7.5- The losing team during the clan war gets to pick the next map (unless its vetoed by the other team) from the Accepted Maps in the map pool. Each series has it's own MapPool. No maps can be replayed in a series.
    7.6- Because an Admin cannot always be present during a CW, please document any important details when it comes to resolving issues that may occur during that CW. We must always assume the best from each teams and only hard proof can help peoples case when it comes to an issue or problem that may have occurred.

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    PTGL Rules Empty Re: PTGL Rules

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    8. Roster:
    8.1- Teams must have minimum 5 players on their roster at all times.
    8.2- Your roster must include each player’s account that they will play on for league matches, country, and race.
    8.3- Managers are required to inform the league which players are from outside of North America, all other players are expected to be from North America.
    8.4- To add/remove players email the league are where you must include race, country, BNet name and GGc name.
    8.5- Newly added players must wait one (1) week from the requested added time until they can play for that team in the PTGL. Using a player before the week is up will result in an automatic FF.
    8.6- Double Tagging is Strictly Prohibited in the PTGL. If a player is caught, from any league, to be double tagging (Playing for 2 different teams) that player will be banned from the PTGL. The admin team will decide the penalty for the player's team depending on how much involvement/knowledge the team had.

    9. Replays
    9.1- Managers are responsible for making sure their team’s replays are saved.
    9.2- Managers must email all replays to
    9.3- The league will try to have an Admin present to help save replays, but cannot guarantee this so please save all your games.
    9.4- Replays must be sent in before the end of each Week (Sunday 11:59pmPST).
    9.5- If your match is scheduled Sunday, then you have until Monday Night 11:59pm PST to have the replays sent in.
    9.6- If the replays are not sent in on time your team will receive .2 PP for each replay missing.
    10. Sub cards and Wildcards:
    10.1- Each team will receive 3 Sub cards and 3 wildcards (Each team will receive 1 Sub card and 1 wildcard for the Qualifiers.)
    10.2- Sub cards may be used anytime during the CW, unless the Series has already begun
    10.3- Sub cards can be used to sub a player for a solo or 2v2 or both.
    10.4- A player that is already on the lineup to solo is not allowed to sub for another soloist (in other words, a player may only participate in one solo series per CW*)(except if the soloist is playing in the tiebreaker solo as well).
    10.5- Wildcards may only be used before 30 min have passed since the starting time of the CW and you may only use 1 Wildcard at a time.
    10.6- If using a wildcard to delay a match, it is allowed even if it’s after the 30 min time limit. This is ONLY if the clan war has already begun.
    10.7- Teams have one (1) week to complete the Wild carded Matches/Series. However, the team that used the wildcard is responsible for making sure that the match is completed.
    10.8- If the other team is being difficult on scheduling the match, please email the or contact an admin so that we can help get the match completed.
    10.9- If the Wild carded game was never completed (and there is no signs of needed help to get the match scheduled) then the team that used the wildcard will simply FF the match and be penalized.
    11. Abuses and punishment:

    Showing disrespect, using offense and vulgar expressions on the League site or during a Clan War are strictly forbidden.
    Each occasion will be considered separately, punishment — from a warning, ban from channel to a Tech LOSS in the match/Clan War and, in extreme cases, up to removing the player/team from the League.

    Using software that is likely to give advantage over other players is classified as cheating and is punished up to ban from the League.
    Absence of a player — if a player is absent/afk longer than 20 minutes since the Clan War start and if the Captain does not activate the Wildcard, the team gets a Tech LOSS 0:2 for this match. Between games — 10 minutes. Captain must ask opponents about using replace or wildcard. If opponents don't answered, you can report w/o for this match with screenshots on forum or call judge.
    Smurf games (dummies) — if it is proved that the player’s account have been used by someone else, the team where the substitution have taken place is punished with extra 5 penalty points. The man of straw gets a ban from the League and all his games will be reversed on 0-2. Repeate use can result to ban team.
    One player has a right to play in one team only. Even if player plays Clan League Clan War for one team, Ladder Clan War for other team he should be banned from Clan League.
    Player can change his team only once in three playweeks.
    for example: MYM.White-RA played for mYm during the fist week and then left mYm and joined xlo. xLo.White-Ra can play for xlo since the second week 'till the end of the team league. However, if xLo.White-Ra comes back to mYm he will be able to play for mYm only from the fifth week.(cl qualification = one play week)
    Two occasions of skipping the Clan War during a season might result in removing the team from Clan League. If a team is removed, the results of all matches are nulled for the stage. All the teams that have already played vs this team, get 3 points in case of victory.
    A banned team is not accepted for the league in the succeeding seasons.

    Making an application for the League by the team Captain stands for the fact that he has read the League Rules and agrees to follow them.
    Team Captain is responsible for getting all his team players informed about the rules.
    Team Captain must read Clan League forum.
    The organizers have a right to make changes and supplements as required, and engage themselves to inform about the changes on Clan League forum.

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